Office Cleaning Tips For Your Workspace

Doesn’t matter if you’ve got a corner office with a view of the River Market or a desk by the stairs, you should take pride in the appearance of your workspace. Here are a few office cleaning tips to help.

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Desk for the job you want.

A clean, organized desk makes you look more professional. If you can keep your desk looking good, you must be able to handle larger responsibilities.

If you work in healthcare, sensitive information probably finds a way to your desk every now and then. Be mindful to keep these papers properly stored. It won’t look good to anyone if you have them laying out.

Take an evaluation of how items are currently arranged on your desk. What could look better?

Desk well, test well.

If your desk is organized, you are more productive. Clutter on your desk is stressful for most people even if they don’t realize it. Having an organized desk with no junk, and everything where it needs to be, will give you just enough level-headedness for the day ahead.

You will also be more productive because everything you need to do a job is accessible. When you organize your desk, place items according to their usage and importance. If you are in the middle of a project and have to get up to grab your stapler, you’ll likely lose your train of thought.

Stay sanitized.

Cleaning frequently used items on a regular basis will help keep germs from accumulating on your desk. This could lessen your chance of catching whatever bug is going around the office.

A janitor probably vacuums the carpet beneath your desk and dusts the surfaces. While this will keep your desk looking clean, you should take it on yourself to do some deep cleaning to keep it really clean.

A microfiber cloth and a gentle sanitizing agent are your best office-cleaning friends. Use a sanitizer on all the items you share with coworkers. The microfiber cloth will make it easy to dust inside your drawers, your keyboard, your phone, and more.  

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