Tips For When You Have The “Fridays”

Are Fridays for office cleaning? Friday! The most celebrated day of the week for those who work nine-to-five jobs. Friday concludes a crummy week. It’s a reminder that a fresh, new week is just over the horizon. After you spend some time relaxing on the weekend, that is.

It’s the end of the Friday workday that makes Friday a favorite for most. Getting through Friday’s nine-to-five is not easy.

There are tried and true methods for getting through the last leg of your week. The trick is to find the one that is right for you. Here are a few.

Don’t underestimate the power of office cleaning.

As an office cleaning company, we’ve seen the aftermath of a busy workday. And, the aftermath of a not-so-well-spent Friday. Our advice? Keep a clean, tidy office space.

Use Friday as an “office cleaning day”. You can organize after a long work week. When you return on Monday, you’ll have a clean workspace to start with.

Need a janitor? Contact us! We’ll keep your office clean and presentable so that your employees don’t have a dreary workspace to slow them down even more.

Plan the next week.

Use your Friday to plan out what you’d like to accomplish when Monday rolls around for the next week. Are you a person that loves making lists. This could be the perfect solution for you.

It’s helpful to keep a bigger picture of your job in mind as you watch the seconds hand tick towards 5:01PM.

Make some goals. Write out what you need to do to accomplish those goals. Lists take the craziness in your head and sort it out. You’ll be clear-headed for the weekend.

Move around.

We’ve all heard it. Getting out of your office chair and giving your body a chance to move is highly recommended for office productivity. The problem? It’s difficult to implement.

We get too focused and forget.

Be more intentional about your productivity habits during a slow Friday. With some practice, you may find them easier to implement them on busier weekdays.

Schedule some time for a walk. Get some fresh air during your lunch break. Bring friends! You might be surprised at how many of your co-workers would be up for the idea of getting out of the office. Especially on a Friday!

Use your Friday workday to experiment with new productivity methods.

There are so many workplace productivity tips, you could be doing this for decades. The problem with some of these tips is they take some determination to use.

There is also a chance the productivity tip could have the opposite effect on your day. So, why not give it a go on a day that is usually pretty low-key.

Set a timer. Lock distractions away and give the key to an accountability partner. Do whatever it takes to put the tip to the test.

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