Janitor Tips: How To Deal With Paper Clutter

At Jan Pro, we see all kinds of offices. What do all offices have in common? Paper. A desk with a good paper filing system is easier to keep clean. This kind of organization is sure to help with productivity and maybe even reduce stress. 

While we only do commercial cleaning not personal desk organization, we do have some tips for those paper cluttered cubicles. 


1. Recycle. It’s now or never. 

You have the best intentions when you skip the trash because you know this paper item needs to be recycled. Do you know where you office recycling bin is? How much effort is it really to get them to said bin?

Even though these are good intentions, recycling-bound paper clutter is still clutter. Ask your office manager how to properly recycle the leftover mail, magazines, and newspapers.

If the recycling bins are a little out of your way, find a way to collect these items. Make one trip worth ten. Consider having separate recycling baskets next to your trash basket. 


2. Be honest. 

The hypothetical benefit of the paper item is not as good as the current reward of a clutter-free desk. 

That take-out menu is available online. The events for those invitations are on you calendar. Shredders are available to help protect sensitive information. 

Some paper items do need to be held on to. Take some time to learn which papers you actually need. Check out this article from The Spruce, How Long To Keep Documents. Consider holding on to financial papers, papers related to your health, leases or other agreements that might need to be revisited. 


3. Remember. Organize important information elsewhere.

Do the paper items on your desk serve as a physical reminder to complete a task? Give these reminders a designated space. They won’t be much of a reminder under a pile of other papers. 

Many of the papers we accumulate on our desks are kept as reminders. However, contact info updates, dates of important events, or meeting requests can be stored digitally. In fact, you’ll be less likely to forget something if you keep all this important information in the same place. Write down important event info on a paper calendar or a digital one, and toss the invite. 


4. Take some time. It’s not as overwhelming as you might think. 

If you are here, you are probably ready to deal with the paper clutter on your desk. That’s great! Your future self is going to thank you. 

Depending on your situation, you may need some time for this. Make a game plan. What is the best way to sort your desk based on the daily tasks. 

If mail is a significant part of your clutter, take some time to unsubscribe to magazines you no longer read or advertising you are not interested in. Usually, the number for the retailer sending you advertisements is on the mail they send. Call and cancel. 

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