How To Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

Settling into a new office? Not getting the kind of services you’d like from your current janitorial service? It is time to look into different options for commercial cleaning services.

Here are a few things you should look for.

1. Prices and what they cover.

All offices are different. You don’t want to choose a commercial cleaning service that only offers cookie-cutter plans.Get a cleaning service that can work with your budget.

At Jan – Pro we do free estimates for any interested businesses. This is because our rates depend on many different factors. We consider factors like the size of your office space, how often you need your space cleaned, and any preferences you may have. We want to get you exactly what you need, nothing more.

2. What kind of service to expect.

What kind of cleaning will your office get? An office can be visually clean, and still house bacteria and viruses. You want to make sure the company you hire uses good cleaning products. Their cleaning techniques should be able to accomodate any tricky closets and break rooms.

At Jan Pro we use cleaning products and methods to minimize fumes. We choose our cleaning products based on their effectiveness. All our vacuums have HEPA filters to improve air quality.

Our worst-kept secret? Microfiber. It is proven to trap higher rates of dirt and bacteria. We recommend it to all our customers, friends, and family. It is part of many of our cleaning techniques. We even color code them to prevent cross-contamination.

3. Do they have insurance?

Jan Pro commercial cleaning services are certified, bonded, and insured. We put all our employees, even the ones with experience, through our training. This training includes detailed cleaning, teaching them how to properly use our cost-effective office cleaning systems, and more. They must be  Signature Clean® before we send them into your place of business.

4. Ask for references.

Contact their other clients to see how their experience has been. Ask about timeliness, fumes, cleanliness, and any other concerns you have.

We’ve been cleaning businesses in Little Rock, Ark. for a few years. Contact us for references. 501-712-3646