Healthy Lunches To Bring To The Office (just promise not to eat at your desk!)

As a company offering office cleaning services, we have a unique perspective of what it’s like to work at an office. We can tell you that bringing your lunch to work is a great idea. You save money and are more likely to eat healthier. Eating that lunch at your desk is not so great. It also makes a mess.

Also, studies are showing that those of us who eat lunch at our desks are at a higher risk for health problems like heart disease, joint pain, and much more.

The problem is with sitting still for too long. Your body needs you to get up and walk a bit. Here are some benefits of taking your lunch to the breakroom, or any other area that is not within 10 feet of your desk.

  • Clear up brain fog. When you move around your blood gets moving too. It’ll go to your head — in a good way!
  • New perspective. Stuck on a problem? Frustrated? When you get up to walk around you are more likely to find a fresh perspective on things.
  • Help prevent burnout. Taking breaks will keep you from staying in work mode for too long. You need a break. There is science to back this up.
  • Better afternoon. A break and a good lunch are key to finishing out your day on a good note.

Here are some healthy lunch ideas. Tune into your tastebuds. The idea is to eat a lunch so delicious, you go out of work mode for a while.

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Bowls from Pretty Providence.

Why pack a lunch that is just “okay.” Try this delicious, hearty bowl and see how your lunch goes.

This recipe is made in a slow cooker. It’s super easy to make!

Turkey, Smashed Peas, and Pesto Sandwich from Real Simple.

A good sandwich is something to look forward to when you take your lunch break. This sandwich is not your average turkey sandwich. It’s got all the protein and complex carbs you need to make it through the rest of your day.

To prepare this you’ll need a medium-sized skillet.

Tuna Salad Meal Prep from Damn Delicious.

This lunch requires a little more effort in the kitchen. But the results are worth it. Once you get the hang of this you’ll have it as a staple in your weekly lunch planning.

At the end of this recipe, you have tuna salad with a side of hard-boiled eggs. This is topped with almonds, cucumber, and a sliced apple. All seated on top of a large lettuce leaf to preserve tastiness.

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