Cool Desk Gear That Will Also Make Your Life a Little Easier | Office Cleaning Services

As an office cleaning service, we see a lot of offices. Trust us, with a little creative thinking, even a cubical can be awesome.

Here are a few gadgets to help make your day easier. We also found a few things to keep up with your own productivity. This is your workday! Make the most of it.

*saying it louder for the people in the back* Offices don’t have to be boring!

Make your life easier with a few nifty gadgets.

  1. Wireless Key-Finder. Lose your keys? What a frustrating way to start your day. There are several key-finder gadgets out there. Find one that fits with the way you usually leave things.
  2. Solar USB Charger. Run out of outlets? Or maybe you just don’t want to crawl under your desk to reach them. This gadget attaches to your window and uses solar energy to charge your phone.
  3. Portable Photo Scanner. Just like in spy movies. This gadget will let you scan photos, documents, and more while you are on the go. It connects to any computer enabled with wi-fi. The images can be stored and printed completely cord-free!
  4. Portable Shredder. Dealing with sensitive information? The last thing you want to do is forget to shred a sensitive document. With this device, you can shred paper as soon as you know it needs to be done.
  5. A Hole Measuring Tape. Draw lines and circles with presentation-perfect precision. What a satisfying way to add some extra flair to your project. If you have a job that requires drawing tasks, this measuring tape will certainly make your life easier.


Feel like the work day passes you by? Up your productivity game with some innovative gadgets.

  1. Whiteboard Clock. Use this clock as the ultimate time manager. Write down meetings. Indicate how long you want to spend on a certain task. There is room for temporary to-do lists or reminders.
  2. USB Mail Notifier. Keep up with your latest messages. This light box will light up whenever you get an email. No need to constantly check your inbox. If your job requires fast responses, this gadget could be a real lifesaver.
  3. Skypanel Fluorescent Light Diffuser. The environment we work in has a huge impact on how productive we are. This diffuser gets rid of the harsh fluorescent lighting that many individuals find stressful, without even realizing it. Place it over the fluorescent light that is closest to your office for some faux-natural lighting.
  4. Smartpen. This pen can track your note-taking and send them to your computer. Perhaps one of the most efficient ways to organize your notes. It can also record audio. So those important conversations that happen spur-of-the-moment won’t get lost.


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