Back To School? 3 Tips From A Janitor On Avoiding Germs

As a janitorial company, we take cleaning educational buildings seriously. Why? The last thing your education needs is an illness, causing you to fall behind on work. 

Preschools and daycare centers are no different. Parents want to send their children to a school they can trust to be wary of dangerous germs and bacteria. Jan-Pro can help! We send Jan-Pro employees into schools or other educational buildings with the proper tools to do an excellent job.

Here are a few tips we have picked up as a Janitorial Company on how not to get sick at school. 


1. Hand washing is a learned skill. Make sure your kids know how! 

The best way to stay free of germs is to be intentional about washing your hands. Adults know how important hand-washing is. We’ve been around long enough to see the effects of germs. 

Kids, however, might need some encouragement. 

Make sure the children you send into school know proper hand-washing etiquette. Here are a few important highlights. 

  • If your child has a sneeze or cough, tell them to try and wash their hands after every sneeze or cough.
  • Adults understand the importance and politeness, but kids often forgo the after-bathroom hand-washing routine in the name of getting back to playing. Perhaps find a way to make washing their hands fun. 
  • Make sure they are washing their hands properly. A quick rinse of water won’t do. To wash your hands you need soap and warm water. Scrub all 10 fingers, the back of your hand, and your palm. There are a variety of songs to help kids get this technique right. Check it out!


2. Hand-washing not guaranteed? Equip your kiddos with their own hand sanitizer. 

Hand sanitizer is also a great option if your child is old enough to know how and when to use it. If they are going on a field trip, or if they will be away from hand-washing facilities during lunch, make sure they have a backup sanitizer. 

This is also a great option if you have a child getting through a shy-ish phase. Hand sanitizer at their desk is less intimidating than asking the teacher to leave the classroom. 


3. School is not a great place for sharing. 

At school, sharing is not necessarily caring. Encourage your kids to remember that writing utensils provided at school have been used by other students. They have germs. 

The best option is to give your child their own pencil case with all the writing or drawing utensils they’ll need. Explain why they have their own. Also explain that sharing, while it’s kind, is not always the best idea. 

Bonus tip: Make sure any pencils are mechanical. This will help prevent your child’s need to use the classroom pencil sharpener.


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